1.  To increase our visibility toward target audiences.  

2.  To become a center of excellence in treatment, training, research and information on dependency and concomitant disorders
    (dependency and mental health).


3.   To develop innovative programs adapted to the new needs arising from the community based on conclusive studies
      and evidence for all Francophones of Ontario.

4.   To ensure a optimal and ongoing use of our services. 

5.   To assess the quality and efficiency of our programs and services.


6.   To play a transformational leadership role within the Franco-Ontarian community. 

7.   To actively lead and/or seek collaborative projects optimizing resources, as well as the efficiency and the scope of services.


8.   Human: To be an employer of choice: to optimize our recruiting and staffing capacity and retention; to maintain quality human resources.

9.   Financial: To diversify our revenue streams to ensure proper financing for all programs.

10. Physical: To improve the state of the venues to better meet the needs of our clients and the community.