A most appreciated support at a time when a loved child took an unexpected turn. The weekly conversations among parents and with the team gave us the energy to go through that experience down a path chosen by our child.
Denise B.

Maison Fraternité has been a very important support haven for us. We learned a lot about substance use and substance users through the parent groups. It helped us a lot in dealing with our son’s situation and in finding the proper necessary solutions. None of this would have happened without the dynamic and professional staff.
Claire and Pierre

Despite our initial uncertainty, taking part in the parent group turned out to be an essential and fulfilling experience. The topics and techniques, as well as the specialized support provided helped us regain control of the situation and the necessary tools to help our child. He has since gone back to school, harmony has returned to the family and, as a couple, we have overcome this trying experience. We are now much stronger, having gone through it all and having come out of it.
Céline B.

Taking part in the day program has changed my life: I would not be where I am now, professionally speaking. Thanks to the process I’ve integrated, I’m able to solve problems, take on challenges that come up, find solutions and successfully achieve what I undertake!
Marie-Josée, 22 years of age

I enjoyed my experience at Maison Fraternité; despite the highs and lows, it was simply extraordinary. It taught me to keep my mind from craving substance use. Thanks to everyone involved!  
Éric M, 16 years of age

The day program allowed me to keep going with school and to achieve what I have set out. The interests I had before have come back. It also allowed for a more valuable life of which I’m now very proud.
Patrick B, 16 years of age

I have a lot of gratitude and respect toward and for the residence. Your programs are exceptional.  

Being in a residential center, in a controlled environment, with so many services to meet our needs and in my first language (French).

Everything was explained clearly to me as far as additional services provided to members of my family, as well as post-treatment support options and follow-up options on an outclient basis.

I did enjoy my first experience with the program and I’ve benefited a lot from it.