Cyber Addiction

The use of Internet and new technologies is a relatively new phenomenon and is constantly examined. One thing is for sure: our modern society has seen rapid and drastic transformations in recent years. The use of Internet and technologies is not, in itself, a problem. However, at times, users can experience negative consequences in line with a loss of control when using certain technologies, notably video games and social media.
Cyberaddiction is the persistent and recurrent use of technologies or communications related to the Internet that can cause individuals increasing problems. Cyberaddiction leads to feelings of distress and other psychological, social (school) or professional difficulties.

Some symptoms of cyberaddiction include:

  1. Excessive use
  2. State of need: Where uncomfortable feelings due to withdrawal appear when quitting or decreasing frequency, duration or quantity
  3. Tolerance: With a need to increase time to experience the same effects
  4. Negative consequences due to use: Such as tiredness, relationship issues, professional issues, school issues, etc. (Block, 2007, Beard & Wolf, 2001)