Mental Health

Mental health is constantly in motion, as it is a search for balance between different aspects of life, be it physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional.

It is influenced by a person's life conditions, existing community values, as well as each person's inherent values and beliefs. It represents individual and collective responsibilities. Consequently, mental health favours quality of life for individuals, families, populations and nations.
Mental health is a state of well-being where individuals can reach their own potential and face everyday situations and stress. Persons that are mentally healthy can contribute to their community and be productive.

Links Between Mental Health and Use of Substance

When mental health issues and substance use are present at the same time, it is known as concurrent disorders. Mental health issues and substance use can appear in a continuum, but when they combine, concurrent disorders are present and can lead to other combinations.
The link between mental health and substance use varies according to the type and degree of mental health issues, the specific substance used and the degree of use.
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